Food Display Cases

Show off your food with refrigerated display cases

When it comes to choosing food display cases, there are two major factors that need to be considered: aesthetics and food safety. From an aesthetics standpoint, most cases are designed to show off the foods in an enticing manner, such as a tiered cupcake display case or a clear cake rack. For hygienic purposes, many display cases keep foods covered on the customer side with acrylic or glass (servers can typically access the food from sliding panels in the back). These covers provide protection from dust, dirt and bacteria but don't sacrifice the customer's view of the food.

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Types of Food Display Cases

There are various types of food display cases you can choose from, based on the types of foods you are offering. Common food display cases include:

  • Deli display cases. Deli display cases are generally very large, often spanning across the entire wall of a store. They typically feature just a flat display shelfbehind protective glass where a variety of meats and cheeses can be displayed, but they may also have hooks or racks to display certain types of meats more enticingly.
  • Pastry display cases. Pastry display cases are smaller than deli cases, and may be open or enclosed. These cases, which often hold cupcakes, squares and other small treats, are often used on top of a display table or up on the counter near the cash register, where customers might be easily enticed to add an extra sweet to their purchase.
  • Bakery display cases. Bakeries typically use a number of display cases, from bread racks to pie shelves and more. They may also use pastry cases, though they will typically use larger models due to their large volumes of baked goods. Most bakery display cases are left open so customers can choose their items themselves, but others may be closed.
  • Ice cream and gelato display cases. Ice cream and gelato display cases are typically closed on the customer side and open on the server side through a retractable cover that allows for easy scooping.

Depending on the type of food you are displaying, you may or may not need refrigerated display cases. Aside from ice cream and gelato models, which obviously only come refrigerated, most food display cases can be made in either option.