Jewelry Display Cases

Great display cases for rings, watches and more

Despite being an item that is usually tried on before being purchased, most vendors choose to display their jewelry in cases. Part of this may be for aesthetics—there are many types of jewelry display cases that can help display jewelry more attractively (such as velvet-lined cases)—but the primary purpose for the case is for security.

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When choosing the jewelry display cases for your business, you'll need to think about the types of jewelry you want to display, and also the cost of your merchandise. Typically, the higher the price tag on your jewelry, the more you'll want to invest in secure jewelry cases.

Types of Jewelry Display Cases

Jewelry display cases are typically designed for specific pieces of jewelry. Common cases include:

  • Ring display cases
  • Watch display cases
  • Necklace display cases

From a functional standpoint, there are a few types of display cases that may be necessary for a vendor:

  • Cabinet jewelry display cases. Many jewelry vendors will use large cabinet display cases to show off their merchandise, and will designate a certain area to rings, necklaces, watches, etc.
  • Countertop jewelry display cases. Countertop display cases are typically used for smaller jewelry items, such as watches and earrings. They may be stationary or may rotate, and can be placed on a countertop or display table.
  • Portable jewelry display cases. Many jewelers, especially those who design their own wares, will take their pieces to different venues, such as markets and jewelry parties. In these instances, a portable display case is necessary to protect the jewelry and transport it easily.

Security Options for Jewelry Display Cases

Keeping jewelry safe from theft is one of the highest priorities for jewelry sellers, especially those who sell higher-end pieces. There are a few options in secure jewelry cases you can choose from, depending on the level of security you're looking for.

Locked jewelry cases are the simplest choice for jewelers. You can buy locks for display cases or simply buy a case that comes with a lock. Typically these cases use a key and padlock, but other options like keypad entry and combination locks are also options.

Locks for display cases can prevent theft while store owners are present, but they are still vulnerable to robbery during the store's off-hours. If you require more security for your jewelry, you may want to consider alarm jewelry display cases. These cases are wired with an alarm system that will go off if the case is tempered with or broken. While some simply produce a loud noise when they go off, others are directly linked to an alarm system company who can notify the proper authorities.