Display Furniture

Get some great display units for your business

When you're in retail, you know that choosing furniture for your store is more than just an aesthetic decision—the right retail display furniture is important in helping you maximize your space and creating an attractive retail display.

To choose display furniture for your business, you'll first need to consider the type of merchandise you'll want to display, as well as the space in which you want to display it. Customer behavior and traffic patterns can also help you choose the right furniture for your space. Finally, a better understanding of the different types of furniture available can help you make the best investment in display furniture for your store.

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Portable Display Furniture

Many retailers and vendors (especially those who make their own merchandise) need to think about creating portable display units rather than store displays. In this case, portable display furniture is a smart choice. Popular pieces include:

  • Display easels. Display easels are perfect for art, but they can also be used to show other merchandise, signage, display boards or information about your business.
  • Portable display tables. For traveling vendors, it's essential to have a display table that can either fold up or have its parts disassembled and placed in a box on wheels for easy transport.
  • Countertop display cases. These cases are generally small enough that you can carry them in a car and set them up in display booths. They're perfect for smaller items that you may want to protect, such as expensive jewelry or food.

Stationary Display Furniture

Store owners have the option of choosing permanent or stationary display furniture. Common stationary furniture pieces include:

  • Display racks. Whether it's a clothes rack or a stand for food items or other goods, display racks are one of the easiest, most affordable ways to display your merchandise.
  • Display shelves. Installing a display shelf (or multiple display shelves) can help you maximize the amount of display space in your store.
  • Hanging display bars. Mounting a closet-style bar is a good option for clothing retailers. Like shelves, it can help you increase your display space by using the vertical space on your walls.