Display Table

Find the right display stands and display tables for your store

Display tables have a lot of potential for presenting merchandise. A table display is easily accessible to customers, and can help you make use of your store's space. Whether you choose a centralized table where customers can walk around or a smaller table placed in a corner or along a wall, you can increase the amount of merchandise you display with ease.

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But while tables are great for displaying, they're also one of the more challenging pieces to keep organized and tidy. Knowing how to create an effective tabletop display and how to choose the right display table can help you make the best use of these pieces.

What to Look For in a Display Table

There are many display tables out there, but some are certainly better than others. Though your merchandise and your store setup will dictate the exact display table you'll need, common features to look for include:

  • Sturdiness. There's nothing worse than a wobbly display table. Choose a table with sturdy legs, and if possible, balancing adjustment functionality.
  • Under-table storage. Choosing a table with a lower shelf is great for adding even more display room to your table.
  • Adjustable height. The different items you're displaying may impact the desired height of your table, so choosing one with adjustable height can give you more flexibility.
  • Portability. Depending on your business, you may be using your display table to set up at markets or special events. A portable table will be much more compact and easy to transport.

Creating a Tabletop Display

  • Stack taller items in the center. Keeping the tallest items in the middle of the table gives customers easy access and a good look at all items on display.
  • Organize constantly. Tabletop displays are the most prone to clutter as customers pick up merchandise and may not place it back in the right spot. Particularly with clothing items that may have been put back unfolded, you'll need to stay on top of organizing your merchandise and touching up your display.
  • Keep extra items under the table. Use the shelf underneath your table to stack extras of what is being displayed on the table. Always place the items directly under the item that matches them, so customers can have an easy time finding them.
  • Combine other types of display furniture with the table. You can place smaller display stands, such as countertop jewelry display cases, or display boxes on top of a display table. This technique works well with complementary items, such as clothing and accessories, or sandwiches and a cupcake display case.