Display Rack

Show off your products with retail display racks

Retail display racks are an affordable and attractive way to help display your merchandise. From clothing to shoes and so much more, the right display rack is out there for any product. To choose the right rack, you simply need to understand your merchandise, as well as the behaviors of your customers. Factors like rack height, sturdiness, accessibility and more should all be part of your display rack purchasing decision.

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Space is also a determining factor in choosing display racks. Making sure your customers can access racks easily and still have enough space to move around your store without difficulty is critical in keeping your sales up and your customers happy.

Types of Display Racks

There are many types of display racks that can help you get the most out of the space in your store:

  • Wall-mounted display racks. Wall-mounted display racks are a great way to make use of the height of your store. Many store owners will place overstocked items and other items that are not immediately needed on wall-mounted racks and save the more prime display areas for items that customers will want to browse through.
  • Freestanding display racks. Freestanding display racks can help you use up space in the middle of your store. An important thing to keep in mind is that customers need to be able to walk all the way around these racks and should be able to pass by other customers easily.
  • Corner display racks. Corner display racks are often used for smaller items and may be used simply to help accessorize the store rather than to hold items that are for sale. Typically, corner display racks are difficult to access and don't hold much, which doesn't make them a great choice for merchandise.
  • Countertop display racks. Countertop display racks are perfect for smaller items, such as jewelry. You can place these items at the cash registeror on a display table to entice customers.

Display Rack Materials

The display rack material you choose generally depends on the type of merchandise you're displaying. Common display rack materials include:

  • Aluminum. Aluminum display racks, particularly freestanding models, are often used as clothing display racks. They're sturdy enough to hold the weight of many clothing items and hangers can slide easily along their smooth surfaces.
  • Wood. Wooden display racks have a rustic feel but can also be very elegant. Wood shelves are sturdy enough to support heavy goods, and can easily be hung on the wall with proper anchoring.
  • Wire. Wire display racks are generally used for lighter items, such as purses or shoes. They're not made for items like clothing, which might wrinkle on a wire rack, or for smaller goods that can pass in between the spaces.