Clothes Rack

Get the right clothing display racks for your store

Clothing can be one of the most difficult items to display—with the wrong clothing display racks, clothes can get wrinkled, disheveled or crammed in, and will no longer be desirable to the consumer. The trick with designing a clothing display system is to use different types of display equipment and to choose pieces that suit both your space and your merchandise. Understanding the different types of clothing racks available (as well as other display equipment pieces) can help you make the best use of your space while also giving your customers easy access and room to walk around.

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Types of Clothing Display Racks

There are two main types of clothing display racks:

  • Freestanding clothes racks. Freestanding clothes racks come in different shapes, lengths and heights, so you should have plenty of options to suit your space. Round clothing racks typically hold the most merchandise, but can also take up a lot of space. In some cases, rectangular racks are a better choice for allowing customers to access clothing items.
  • Mounted clothes racks. Mounted clothes racks are a great way to make use of wall space. Typically, they consist of a bar mounted on brackets and they can run from one end of the wall to another. You can mount multiple clothing bar racks at different heights to make use of even more space (just make sure you're prepared to help customers reach clothing items if you choose to mount up high).

Whichever clothes rack you choose, you'll want to make sure you use proper hangers. Slim clothes hangers allow you to hang more clothes, but be sure to avoid flimsy hangers that will break easily when placed on or removed from the rack.

Alternatives to Display Racks

Depending on your space, you may want to use other types of display equipment to hold clothing and accessories. Possible options include:

  • Display shelves. A display shelfcan be a great choice for clothing items that can be folded, such as sweaters or T-shirts. Make sure you hang the shelf low enough for customers to reach, and don't overstock it.
  • Bookcases. Bookcases are great for items like purses or hats – place one or two items on each shelf (any more might look cluttered), and you'll have an attractive display that encourages customers to pick up the merchandise.
  • Display tables. Like shelves, a display tablecan be a good choice for items that can be folded. You may also want to place bins on the table to hold smaller clothing items, such as socks and underwear, or accessories.