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While it may seem like there isn't much to think about when you're comparing cash registers, choosing the right cash register can actually have a big impact on your business. Cash registers have different features and functions that will work better for some businesses than for others. Before you go to make a purchase, you'll need to put some thought into the way you will use a cash register and how you need it to work for you. Asking yourself questions about the different types of transactions you expect to run, the size of your business and the information you want to gather can all help you make a smart cash register purchase.

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Types of Cash Registers

The first step toward investing in a cash register is choosing between the two main systems:

  • Electronic cash register. Basic electronic cash registers are commonly used in retail stores and restaurants—restaurant owners often choose a touch screen cash register so staff can enter orders quickly and easily. These cash registers handle transaction tracking and receipt printing, and are more than adequate for businesses that don't require anything more sophisticated.
  • Point of sale system. Also known as POS cash registers, these systems are computerized and come with advanced retail management software that can help you run your business. Highlights of a POS system might include inventory tracking, greater accuracy in balancing and managing transactions, and detailed reporting.

To determine whether you need an electronic cash register or a POS cash register, you simply need to look at the complexity of the transactions you'll be processing and the type of data you wish to track with your system.

Purchasing a Cash Register

When it comes time to buy your cash register or POS system, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many product codes will you need to enter? Some cash registers have only limited capability to enter product codes, and some have no capability at all.
  • How much functionality do you need? Department codes, item codes, security features and tax computations are just a few items on the long list of features offered by many cash registers and POS systems.
  • Can I merge other device purchases with my cash register? Some cash registers come with a built-in barcode scanner, scale or even a debit or credit card machine, so you can cut down on the number of devices you need to buy.
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