Credit Card Machine

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Credit card machines for business can open up the sales landscape for both online and in-store retailers. In online transactions, credit card machines eliminate the worry over whether or not a customer will mail in a personal check (a risky venture, as customers could easily neglect to send one and still keep the merchandise). It also makes the transaction instantaneous, which is more convenient for business owners.

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From an in-store perspective, credit card machines give customers more options for payment, which may lead them to make a purchase when they might not have otherwise. And not only does a business credit card machine lead to an increase in sales, it may also attract a broader clientele, drawing those who are more comfortable using credit cards for payments.

How Credit Card Machines Work

To use credit card processing machines, merchants or companies typically have to set up a merchant account. These accounts may be offered as standard packages, but they can also be customized to suit particular business needs.

Aside from the initial equipment installation fees, merchant accounts work based on a service fee that the business pays for every transaction they process. Most businesses are comfortable handling this fee on their own, but some do charge customers a small fee for the use of the credit card machine.

One important thing to look for in a merchant account is whether or not the account is capable of processing transactions from all major credit cards. While most accounts will offer this service, others may restrict their transactions to major credit card companies.

Types of Credit Card Machines

There are a number of different types of credit card machines, which may or may not include the receipt printer necessary to complete an on-site purchase by getting the authorizing signature of the customer. The most commonly used options are:

  • Dial-up credit card machines. Dial-up credit card machines operate and process transactions over your phone line.
  • Wireless credit card machines. A wireless credit card machine doesn't require a phone line, but instead conveniently operates over a wireless network.
  • Credit and debit machines. A credit and debit machine simply combines the processing technology for debit transactions with that of credit transactions, so you can handle both types of transactions with one device. 
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