Wireless Credit Card Machine

Do you need a portable credit card machine for your business?

A wireless credit card machine (also known as a manual credit card machine or portable credit card machine) is a convenient way to handle credit card transactions for your business. For businesses that process a significant number of transactions, the convenience of wireless technology has made processing and client care more convenient.

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Wireless credit card machines are also mobile credit card machines because you can take them anywhere you need to make a transaction. They're commonly used in restaurants, where wait staff can bring the device to the customer rather than having the customer follow them to the cash register and credit card machine. They are also useful for outdoor vendors and at sporting events.

How Wireless Credit Card Machines Work

Wireless credit card machines don't require the installation of a second phone line like traditional credit machines do. Instead, they operate over a wireless network, similar to a laptop connected to a wireless router. The transaction is a two-step process, starting on the business's side. Here, a credit card is swiped or otherwise passed through a magnetic sensor in the wireless credit card machine. The sensor reads the information coded on the card's magnetic strip, and sends it via wireless signal across the network.

The second step in the process occurs when the credit card processing company associated with the machine receives and processes the transaction information. Once the transaction is processed, a credit card machine paper receipt is printed through the device. Typically, a business owner establishes a merchant account with one of these companies and is charged a fee for every credit card transaction they process. Often, this fee is low enough that a business can absorb it without passing on a service charge to the consumer.

Wireless Credit Card Machine Security

Wireless credit card machines easily integrate with your cash register software, debit machine and existing wireless network, but many people are concerned about the security of their transactions over a wireless network.

In fact, wireless credit card machines are just as secure as traditional machines—sometimes more so. They use sophisticated data encryption when sending your credit card information, and the digital network is secured, so you can rest assured that your data is protected. Merchant account providers also ensure that their data is secure and that the processing procedure protects private information, so there is minimal risk in this part of the transaction as well.

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