Retail Box

Gift boxes and retail box packaging for your business

A retail box differs from an ordinary packaging box in that it has a more attractive appearance and is made from higher-quality materials. Many boutiques and clothing retailers find a retail box to be a better packaging choice than an ordinary bag because it has a more professional look. Boxes are also a good alternative for items that might be easily wrinkled or damaged, and retailers may offer boxes as an option for people who are giving items as gifts. Often, for an extra charge (or sometimes for free), an item can be gift-wrapped, placed in a box with tissue paper and wrapped in your choice of gift paper.

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Buying Retail Boxes

While boxes are an extra cost for retailers, that cost is not very much when you can buy in bulk. Wholesale gift boxes and retail boxes are easy to find, and they can be ordered in a variety of sizes and colors. They can also be ordered with the company's name or logo imprinted on them for extra brand promotion.

Retail boxes are commonly sold in sizes that accommodate specific items. These might include:

  • Clothing boxes. Usually square or rectangle, these boxes can easily hold one to two clothing items comfortably.
  • CD or movie boxes. CD or movie boxes are often found in entertainment or electronics stores, since many people give these items as gifts. The gift boxes are perfectly sized for the respective items and may even be slightly padded for durability.
  • Jewelry boxes. Often with jewelry, the presentation is part of the gift. Boxes for rings, bracelets and necklaces are typically more ornate than ordinary gift boxes. They're usually padded and may be made from fancier materials such as velvet.

Tips for Retail Box Packaging

When it comes to using retail boxes, presentation is everything. Often, a customer intends to give the articles placed in a box as a gift, so a little extra attention can make a difference. Packaging tips for artistic presentation include:

  • Keep plenty of tissue paper on hand. Whether you're wrapping the item to go inside the box or you're padding the box once it's placed inside a retail bag, tissue paper can make the presentation look more professional.
  • Use tape sparingly. One piece of tape on each edge of the box should be enough to hold the lid on securely. If possible, order boxes with tab closures—they're the best option for creating a professional presentation.
  • Offer ribbon options. For gift-wrapping, a touch of ribbon or a bow can add the finishing touch.