Tissue Paper

Colored tissue paper and gift wrap for your business

Tissue paper is common in many retail stores and boutiques. While it is generally an extra cost for the business, many vendors find going the extra mile in presentation really pays off in encouraging customer loyalty. If you do choose to use it in your business, knowing how you will use and where to get tissue paper can really help you maximize your investment.

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Many store owners who choose to use tissue paper also purchase gift wrap and offer wrapping as an extra service to their clients. While some do this only around the holidays and will charge a small fee, others do it year-round for no extra charge.

Packaging with Tissue Paper

There are two main ways to use tissue paper when preparing an item for a consumer:

  • Lining boxes. If your company uses retail boxes to package clothing items or other goods, lining the box with tissue paper is a good idea. You can often use sturdier, plain tissue paper in this instance, but if you want to add to the presentation, choosing a good quality tissue paper is ideal.
  • Lining bags. Many boutiques use bags made of a sturdy paper or very light cardboard to package their items. In this case, tissue paper is a must and should be used both as padding underneath the item and to fill in the extra space at the top of the bag after the item is placed inside.

When an item is purchased as a gift, it's important to give extra attention and care in wrapping it. Tissue paper tears and wrinkles easily, so be sure to place an item into the tissue carefully and wrap it gently around.

Buying Tissue Paper and Gift Wrap

Tissue paper may not seem like much of an expense, but if your business uses a lot of it, the cost can really add up. Buying wholesale tissue paper and wholesale gift wrap is the easiest way to save a few cents on every sheet. Many vendors will lower their prices if you're willing to buy larger quantities. Before you stock up, however, make sure you've accurately gauged the type of tissue paper you'll need and are sure of any color schemes you might have.

When ordering the retail packaging for your business, specifically the tissue paper and gift wrap, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What types of items do I expect to be wrapping? This will help you choose the weight and strength of your tissue and wrapping paper.
  • Do I want colors? Though often slightly more expensive, many businesses choose colored tissue paper and gift wrap that match their brand colors.
  • Will I change my styles for the holidays? Holiday gift wrap and tissue paper help put customers in a festive spirit and can take away the burden of having to wrap their own gifts.
  • Will I use tissue paper with every purchase? Some companies only use tissue paper for items intended as gifts, while others make it part of the presentation on every purchase. Knowing what you will use the paper for can help you in your ordering.